LWL has had a makeover!  What looked to be a miserable weekend stuck in the house, ill and feeling sorry for myself, has actually turned out to be rather productive.  As many of you may be aware, I also have a sister shop (Lula Bird Designs) and it has long been my aim to unify the branding of the two shops to make it more obvious that they are sister stores, yet while still maintaining their individual identities.  This has been on my 'to-do' list for a long while, but I've simply never found the time to complete it, until now!

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the result so far.  The seagull imagery runs throughout both logos, as a nod to the original roots of the stores which were set up from a cosy beach-side studio in Mumbles, and I've tried to use similar fonts to offer further consistency.  Each store however has its own colour scheme and style, yet I think they still work well side by side.

Both stores now have their own Facebook pages, so feel free to head on over and 'like' us (it would really be appreciated) - the links are below:



You can also follow us on instagram:


I'm so excited about the way the stores now look and can't wait to find out what you all think, so feel free to get involved and leave me some feedback.

Thank you all for keeping my shops going all this time!

-x- LWL -x-